Okiciyapi Annual Dinner
                          Joseph Nathan

The annual Chapter Dinner on December 13 was a great hit.  The food was wonderful, the door prizes were great, and many prestigious awards were given out, including:

•   Dancer of the Year-Austin Fluke

•   Ceremony Members of the Year- Brian Hander, Justin Talley, Justin Knight, and
Dakota Lattimore

•   New Ordeal Member of the Year- Eric Brentzel

•   Troop Representative of the Year-Henry Petrash

•   Elangomat of the Year- Daniel Montgomery and John Schmoker

•   Spirit of Nagatamen-
Phillip Murtaugh

•   Spirit of Nutiket-Mark Henry

•   Spirit of Uncas-Toby Dunlap

•   Spirit of Kitchkinet-
Shane Potter

•   Thunderbird Award-Ricky Self

•   Founder’s Award-
Adron Douglas

•   Arrowman of the Year-
Jared Roberts

•   Charles K. Pool Award- Robert Claborn

•   Rea A. Nunallee Award- Erika Claborn

•   Spirit of the Arrow-
Laura Petrash

•   M.E. Dobbins Award- Wade Graves

•   Robert Levacy Award- Duane Compton

Jared Roberts gave his final comments as Chapter Chief and handed over the reins to Adron Douglas, the 2004 Chapter Chief, and the new officers were sworn in.  The evening closed with the calling of Vigil candidates Jared Roberts and Bobby Littlefield.  Henry Petrash and Erika Claborn did an excellent job preparing for the special evening.

Congratulations to the award recipients for a job well done.  Let’s hope you continue the good work this coming year.  And make sure you sign up for the 2004 Dinner as it promises to be just as special.

2004 Camp Promotion Plan Overview
                          Markie Nathan

Circle Ten has unveiled its Camp Promotion Plan for 2004.  It is an energetic workplan, designed to have each district actively promote Circle Ten camping programs within its district.  The plan's title is, "Face to Face."  This title supports the theme of communication and customer service.  Mikanakawa Lodge has an important role in this new plan, and it is a direct link to our OA purpose--to promote camping traditions.  The council encourages each district to work with its OA chapter to promote Circle Ten Council camps at Roundtables, Camporees, OA Unit Elections, Courts of Honor, Blue and Gold Banquets, Webelos Woods Weekends, and at any other Scouting opportunities, for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. 

District Camping Chairmen have been challenged to contact their OA Chapter Chief and Adviser to offer assistance to this effort.  How about if we take the first step to contact our District Camping Chairman?  Let's let him know what we are already doing with Camp Promotions at Unit Elections and offer further service. 

Together, we can make 2004 another successful year of Camp Promotions in Circle Ten Council!





NOAC 2004
Registrations Due!

                         Keith Nathan

As usual, the Mikanakawa contingent to the bi-annual National Order of the Arrow Conference at Iowa State University will have a BLAST next summer!

On the way to Ames, Iowa; while we’re at NOAC; and on the way back, we will have great opportunities for fun, fellowship, fun, learning, and fun.

The Miki bus will leave on July 29 and return on August 6, 2004.  Fee for the event is $475, including food, transportation, lodging, and registration.  Your $100 deposit is due immediately, so fill out the form on www.miki.org/pdf/ 2004NOACregistration.pdf to reserve your place.


Unit Elections Time!
                          Joseph Nathan

Unit Elections are here!  We need as many Arrowmen as possible to help out with them because the elections are our way of gaining members and sharing the fun of service.  If you are already helping, thank you for your service.  If you would like to sign up, please contact Austin Fluke as soon as possible. 

A number of Unit Elections still need Arrowmen to conduct them.  Please try not to sign up for your own troop because we don’t want anyone to influence the vote.  Once you have signed up for one, please pick up the Unit Elections bag with all the proper forms and videos.

Plan on showing up at the assigned troop meeting about 30 minutes early so you can talk to the Scoutmaster about the people who are eligible for election.  If the troop has a TV and VCR, you can show the Unit Election and Camp Promotions videos.  If they don’t, use the provided script for the election and talk about the three Circle Ten camps. 

The following list contains all Texoma Valley Unit Elections in February and March:

·        February 2 – Troop 605

·        February 2 – Troop 66

·        February 3 – Troop 42

·        February 10 – Troop 12

·        March 2 – Troop 38

·        March 22 – Troop 3

·        Troop 45 – any Tuesday in March


Okiciyapi Chapter
Training Report

                       Joseph Nathan

Chapter Training, held on January 10, was a great success for all the Arrowmen who attended.  It was all about ways to get involved with the OA and have lots of fun while doing it. 

Arrowmen Adron Douglas, Toby Dunlap, Mark Henry, Patrick Littlefield, Jared Roberts, and Henry Petrash presented many different topics in which they are considered “experts.”  Toby Dunlap taught many different Scout Skills that members can take back to their Troops to build character and leadership skills.  Mark Henry and Henry Petrash talked about the Native American side of the OA and mentioned how fun it was to take part in ceremony and dance competitions.  Everyone who attended became trained in Unit Elections courtesy of Patrick Littlefield and the Unit Elections video.  If you get a chance to talk to these guys, make sure you thank them for a job well done. 

The presentations, however, weren’t the only things happening during the day.  Food of course was an important part of the day and pizza and donuts never disappointed.  After we cleaned up the place, we all headed down to Eddie Deen’s Ranch in downtown Dallas to take part in the Lodge Banquet (see article below). 

The presentations given at Chapter Training were called “some of the best,” by everyone who was there because they were informative and fun.  I hope many of you plan on attending next year’s training and Lodge Dinner to help strengthen your role in the OA and have tons of fun.


Mikanakawa Lodge Awards Banquet

                       Henry Petrash

The 2003 Mikanakawa Lodge Awards Banquet was held at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in downtown Dallas on January 10.


Here are some of the things that went on:

ü     watching the Year in Review, a two-part Scouting rendition of Star Wars,

ü     seeing our Brothers receiving awards for their cheerful service,

ü     eating an excellent barbecue meal,

ü     watching Mr. Deen perform magic tricks, and of course,

ü     the door prizes

Mr. Littlefield and Jared Roberts were recognized as the Lodge's Vigil candidates were announced after the meal.


Section 3 Conclave
Henry Petrash

The combined Southern Region Section 3A and 3B Conclave will be held at Camp James Ray from April 30-May 2, 2004.

I hope that the evening of April 30 will find you at Camp James Ray having fun with people from many different lodges in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and all over Texas.  Mikanakawa is, obviously, the host lodge this time around, and we need lots of people to come out and support the lodge so we can have the biggest number of Brothers in attendance.  There's sure to be plenty of sports, games, Indian Lore classes, great food, and lots of people from all over the Section to trade patches with. 


The Lodge Chief’s
Joseph Nathan

Some of you may know that the Boy Scout program’s membership is down by an astonishing 20% from as little as 5 years ago.  Circle Ten Council is not one who escaped this sharp decline as it has 17% fewer members, also affecting Mikanakawa Lodge. 

It has become such a problem that current Lodge Chief Brandon Ledbetter has reissued last year’s Lodge Chief’s Challenge.  The challenge is for every lodge member to identify, invite, and hopefully, recruit one new boy into his Boy Scout Troop or Varsity Team.  If he does this, the Arrowman will receive a special award. 

If every Arrowman recruited just one person, the Council’s membership would actually increase from the level set around 5 years ago.  Remember, recruiting just one person helps the Lodge and Council in a very big way!


Notes from our officers

Chapter Chief – Adron Douglas

Brothers, I am excited about this new year of Scouting.  I would like to start by saying it is going to be an incredible year; we are taking the chapter in a different direction than we have before.  New goals to be met and hard working officers.  We, as a Chapter would like to increase our membership and attend more ordeals and other Lodge events.  With your help, we can achieve our goals.

Progress on my 2004 Goals:

o    Increase chapter attendance--I plan to do this by having more well planned meetings, with more interesting topics that interest the arrowmen of our chapter

o    Increase communications--As of now, we have the means of getting the word out to all the arrowmen of the valley of what we're doing, but it is not being used to its full potential.  For example, we have an excellent website and a nice newsletter, but they aren't being utilized like they could be.

o    Increase participation -- I think that we can do much better this year. We need to have almost all of the Chapter at Conclave because it is in our own backyard.  Not just Conclave but  other events such as Ordeals,  Fall Fellowship, James Ray Bash and Lodge Banquet.  Good planning and communications will help keep everybody posted on what our chapter is doing and how they can get involved.

These are just a few of the broader goals I would like to achieve over the next year and I think that with the help of all arrowmen in the area and the other incoming chapter officers we can make this chapter one of the best in the Lodge.  Thank you

If it is not a problem can you add the attached form in the newsletter?


Okiciyapi Chapter webpage: 



Brotherhood Warrior – Ricky Self


Ordeal Warrior – Jared Roberts


1st Vice Chief of Service – Mark Henry


Recording Secretary –
Patrick Littlefield

Brothers, for those who don’t know me very well, here is some information about Patrick Littlefield:

School:  Sherman High School

Grade:  10

Awards:  Ceremony member of the year 2001

Activities:  SHS drumline, guitar, tennis, Scouts

Progress on my 2004 Goals:

o    Unit elections for all those desiring them

o    Submit Unit Elections status report to the Lodge before April 5, 2004

o    Keep up with records throughout the year

o    Work on Annual Report and complete it


Corresponding Secretary –
Joseph Nathan

          As Corresponding Secretary, it is my job to provide communication between the Chapter and its Arrowmen.  I do this by sending out newsletters with event updates and reviews and forms and also by keeping the Okiciyapi Chapter website updated.  I know you will be able to attend some of the events talked about in the newsletters and I hope to see you there.

Progress on my 2004 Goals:

o    At least three Thunderbird newsletters printed and distributed to Chapter

o    Chapter Clip in every Mikanakawan

o    Visit 75% of the District’s units for camp promotion presentations

o    Create 5 new, or revise 5 out-of-date entries in the Lodge’s Where to Go Camping book

o    Keep the Okiciyapi Chapter Web Site updated with events and forms


The Elangomat--Yes, You Are a Friend

from the Elangomat Training Guide

The Elangomat is the most important part of the Ordeal.  He plays a large role in the quality of the Ordeal and the type of experience gained by the candidates.  To be an effective Elangomat, one must first know the meaning of Elangomat.  In the Lenne Lenape language, the word means “friend,” and a friend is exactly what the Elangomat needs to be. 

A friend can be an example, a guide, and a teacher.  The Elangomat needs to be all of these, and possibly more.  The Elangomat is the first person that the candidate really gets to know who is an Arrowman, so it is crucial that the Elangomat makes a strong first impression.  He can do this by being in full uniform, already at the fellowship site when the candidates arrive and ready to go to the Pre-Ordeal ceremony.  Enthusiasm and a friendly smile always helps.  The Elangomat is an example to the candidates by teaching by example, by working side by side, and maintaining silence whenever possible.  Some other qualities that an Elangomat should have are patience, common sense, knowledge of the Ordeal and principles, and the ability to counsel when it might be necessary.  Most of all remember, NO HAZING!  This includes heckling or condescending remarks, and trying to scare the candidates about the Ordeal. 

Remember, the Elangomats are the ones that make the difference and help determine whether or not a candidate becomes active in the OA.



My e-mail address is:  __________________________________________________

Please print your email clearly--write it out completely just as it should be sent
(i.e.. lower case, upper case,etc.)

Name (first & last):  _____________________________________________________

Address (complete mailing)  _____________________________________________

Unit # & position if (applicable)  _________________________________________

We are doing our best to keep improving our communication. 
Thanks for your help in this task.






February 1

Okiciyapi Chapter Meeting

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February 7-14

Scouting for Food

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February 17


Council Office 7 pm

February 20-22

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February 27-29

Beaver Day

Camp James Ray

March 7

Okiciyapi Chapter Meeting

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March 26-28

TVD Camporee


March 26-28

Ordeal and Brotherhood

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April 2-4

Vigil Honor Weekend

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April 4

Okiciyapi Chapter Meeting

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April 23-25

Ordeal and Brotherhood

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Circle Ten Scout Show


May 14-16

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Summer Camp Staff Week





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